Get Your Sales Team Selling More and Turn them into Rock Stars

To stay ahead of the competition in this fast-paced world, every professional needs to continuously update his or her skills.

Ask yourself ... What is your business doing? Is it growing, or is it dying? And how about you and those responsible for looking after the income-generation side of your business – your sales team? Are they continuously learning new skills and retrenching bad habits?

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Do you and your sales team ask the right questions when selling? Do you know what questions to ask? In fact, do you ask for the sale once you have completed your sales pitch? Do you have a closing strategy?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your business is missing in the sales “game.” Join me for an introduction to SalesRICH on Friday, February 14th to get your sales team firing on all cylinders.

Meet Steve Goranson, Your ActionCOACH Host

I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact on the world by helping people work SMARTER not HARDER. I believe that many people settle for mediocrity when they deserve greatness, and it is my honor to help you realize your potential so that you can achieve everything you desire and more.

As the owner of ActionCOACH of Jacksonville, we offer more than just coaching. We offer business owners a change of lifestyle, the opportunity to make more money, and an improved work-life balance by WORKING SMARTER not HARDER. We don’t offer a quick fix, we promise a change of life and lifestyles for those that use and embrace our systems and our culture.

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Make The “Formula For Change” Part Of Your Team’s Sales Process

Ever wonder why most salespeople struggle to get their prospects to sign on the dotted Closing a sale can be the hardest piece of the sales puzzle. Getting that a reluctant buyer over the finish line requires a skillful hand, not a hard sell. Your products and services may be perfect for your prospect. What is holding them back? Could it be your sales approach?

Here are just a few of the priceless things you have to gain by joining SalesRICH:
-Conversion techniques, rapport building skills, and communication strategies
-How the sales process should flow
-How to sell to on value and not price
-How to get customers to sell themselves
-How to overcome any objection

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I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Friday, February 14th at 11:30 am EST!